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About us

ZK iroha envision increasing the chance to have some fun for Takarazuka fans in the world. We offer English information to have fun for English user.
We have three things what we want till 2015.
First one is connecting fans who would like to stay in Tokyo a few nights for watching Takarazuka and the same kind of fans in Kansai because booking hotel in Japan is gonna be more expensive in 5 years.
Second one is offeingr safer arrangements for Takarazuka events than SNS
Moreover, I would  like to support fans who have a dream and try to dream come true like people in Takarazuka.
These three things we would like to do in 5years.
Please let us know anything what you need to support about Takarazuka. We are welcome helping you.
Having fun with Takarazuka!!!!!
Thank you.